Facts About Wearing Dentures In Simple Terms by Dr. Florian Mack

Denture Questions & Answers by Dr. Florian Mack

In reality, there are 101 questions people have asked over the years when fitting dentures. It is always wise to seek professional advice from well grounded and experienced specialists so you find out what your options are, and what is best for ‘you’ the patient. Here are just some of the questions people often ask.

Why Don’t My Dentures Fit After Wearing Them For Years?

There are a couple of reasons dentures lose their perfect fit no matter how well made they have been. Over time the gum under the denture changes due to aging and this may shrink or change shape. Tumors or swelling can also be responsible for changes in the mouth or gums.

Sometimes the teeth are worn down, and this causes uneven pressure on the fitting surface of the gum. If the denture has been in place for several months or years, for the best treatment to prevent discomfort wearing dentures, it needs refitting annually. See a specialist or dentist for regular checkups.

OMG! My New Dentures Are Killing Me. Help Please!

Painful New Dentures

If your dentures are new, the bite might not be quite right, so dentures aren’t the right fit first time. Other adjustments may be needed.

When there is uneven pressure on the dentures, this can cause sore spots or ulcer on the gum. We always recommend, you begin with soft foods and cut into small portions making sure you chew slowly and avoid using your front teeth. Eating with dentures is different to eating with natural teeth and takes time, practice and patience to adjust.

Don’t wait and expect that you will break them in. Make an appointment with your specialist or dentist and have a second or even third adjustment to your dentures, and seek that peace of mind and comfort your mouth deserves.

My Denture Hurts, What Could Be The Reasons?

One reason is tori or exostosis, a benign bone growth mostly in the mandible on the lingual side can change the area the denture is sitting on. The tori or exostosis should only be surgically removed. In some cases, dentures are designed around these bony structures. Sometimes after the extraction of your teeth, bone fragments can be left trapped in your gums, or cause sharp points in the ridge of bone that used to support your teeth.

TMJ can also cause pain outside your mouth. When you may think it’s your dentures causing pain, but it can be the temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) causing pain, even headaches and neck pain all because of the position of the jaw joint.

Denture pain can be relieved by getting dentures checked regularly to keep a perfect fit by a professional who not only makes dentures buy who truly understands all the aspects of TMJ and oral specialist.

How Can I Prevent My Dentures From Hurting Your Mouth and Gums?

We find a lot of the time bacteria and fungi are the cause of gum irritation, and not just for those who wear dentures. It’s a common trait and quite often causes the pain wearing dentures.

You can avoid this bacteria and fungi by cleaning not just your dentures every night, but the roof of your mouth and areas covered by dentures. Your dentist or denture specialist will also check for this and at your appointment, and treat appropriately.

Do Clasps On Dentures Cause Pain Wearing Dentures?

Pain From DenturesIf clasps (silver hooks) are loose and the denture can move up and down, this can damage the gum around the teeth holding the denture in place and cause pain and discomfort. It is vital that you see your dentist or specialist as soon as possible as gums can start to recede or become inflamed.

Sometimes sections of your dentures become broken or chipped without you noticing, and this can also damage gums and teeth. A repair is required, or at least sharp corners should be removed and smoothed by a professional.

Ask your denture specialist for advice or get your teeth and dentures checked once per year for best practice.

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