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Full Dentures – Complete Dentures

Upper or Lower Dentures – Complete Dentures

Complete dentures or full dentures are suited to people who are missing all of their teeth. This may either be upper jaw or lower jaw or both. With no natural teeth to support the denture, it’s held in place by suction and forms a seal in the gums, therefore, it is essential that it fits perfectly. A well-fitting upper denture has the whole palate to support it so it is likely to have moderate to strong suction.

SEQ Dental Specialist, Dr. Florian Mack works at delivering you a superior fitting denture that is comfortable and lasts for many years to come.

What is the Process for Full or Complete Dentures?

Because of the stages involved to make full dentures including taking impressions, making the models to ensure they are the perfect fit and colour, to the final cast being made, all takes time. This process involves quite a few appointments and takes approximately three to six weeks.

It’s important to ensure a good fit right away because poorly fitting dentures can be irritating to the gums. You may need some minimal in-chair adjustments if required.

Before & After Full Denture

Full upper denture replaced – Before and After

What are they made from?

Modern dentures today are made from high-quality acrylic materials making them a more superior option to years past when the technology and manufacturing processes weren’t as advanced as they are today. Not only that, but modern dentures can also be customised to precisely fit your individual mouth and teeth structure.

In general, dentures are made of acrylic resin and metal. The base of partial dentures is often made of metal covered in plastic, and teeth are made of plastic.

It is encouraged to consider all factors when selecting not just the right kind of denture for you but a specialist in the field that is qualified not just in making dentures, but a prosthodontist can ensure your bite is not impacting on TMJ or any oral health concerns. We encourage you to visit Dr. Florian Mack for an extensive examination and consultation.

Dentures Before & After

Full Upper Denture – Old and New Dentures

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