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Why Do People Choose Porcelain Veneers?

We don’t all have the perfectly aligned set of teeth and it may be just one tooth or many that you have a desire to change. If you have teeth that are visibly misaligned or discoloured or both, it could be that porcelain veneers are the way to restore the beauty of your smile.

Veneers are a most popular treatment for high-profile individuals and TV personalities and those in public view. People lean towards veneers not just to gain the confidence to smile without hiding your mouth but also to correct dental problems with either of the following:

  • Replace decayed areas, mainly front teeth where fillings that have become discoloured

  • Improve discoloured or stained teeth

  • Replace teeth that are misplaced, chipped, broken or worn edges

  • Improve or rebuild the bite

  • Correct gaps between teeth or over-crowding of teeth

  • Align crooked teeth

  • Improve the size of the teeth or reduce excess gum when smiling

Veneers are basically a layer of material either ceramic or composite, that is placed over the outside surface of the tooth and the size, shape and colour are custom-made to suit and fit the tooth. There are four types and can be zirconia/porcelain, prepless, contemporary or temporary direct veneers.

Zirconia or Porcelain Veneers

Zirconia or porcelain veneers are nowadays the strongest and provides substantial aesthetic improvements. The substructural frame and biting edge is made of zirconia whilst the front or facing is made of porcelain. These are ideal for bruxism patients and are better at masking out underlying negative dark tooth colour. However, they are not as translucent as Feldspathic porcelain veneers, which is a weaker ceramic.

Before After Veneers

Before and After

Contemporary Veneers

For contemporary veneers, a thin portion of the tooth is drilled and then an impression is then taken and sent to the laboratory to manufacture the veneer. The ceramic will then be made 6/10ths of a millimeter thick for bonding onto the tooth. A contemporary veneer is uniform in thickness and will have a uniform colour, superior strength and with fewer finish lines.

Prepless Veneers

Another method is whereby a ‘preparation-free veneer’ can be fabricated to fit the existing tooth and requires no drilling. This type of veneer is also known as a ‘prepless veneer’. This can only be made with Feldspathic porcelain because it is highly translucent in thin sections and will blend inconspicuously into the external shapes of the tooth.

The disadvantages of this type of veneer, if the finish lines of the prepless veneer crisscross the tooth, they will be in a visible region which could result in stain lines. If the prepless veneer is not uniform in thickness there is potential for it to crack and break with time.

Temporary Veneers

There are also temporary direct veneers made out of composite filling material. This is a cheaper alternative and all work can be done in just one appointment. This makes it very important to deliver temporary restorations that are right, both aesthetically and functionally, the first time. The disadvantage of this the veneers they may get discoloured over the years and the edges of the tooth may become blunt or out of shape teeth from tooth brushing.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneer Mould Of Front Teeth – Porcelain Veneer Attached To Tooth

All types of veneers are made in a dental laboratory by experienced ceramists is Brisbane.

Dental Veneers are bonded onto enamel with resin cement – This bond is extremely retentive. However, if there is no enamel present then the next layer of the tooth that is available for bonding is called dentine. The bond of a porcelain veneer to dentine is poor and therefore a full Crown would be recommended.

Dr. Florian Mack at South East Queensland Dental Specialist will make your smile perfect with a series of porcelain veneers designed precisely to suit your needs and smile with optimal aesthetics.

If you would like to know more about Veneers please give us a call 07 3221 0443 or Contact Us and we will arrange a consultation at your convenience. Dr. Florian Mack can speak with you in either location at Brisbane City practice or Southport practice on the Gold Coast.

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