Why Are There Different Prices For Dentures?

Below is a guide to explain how the costs of dentures vary between materials used, type of dentures and other contributing factors. When you are faced with making a decision on the right type of denture, one that fits perfectly, one you can afford, several things come into play and need to be considered.


Quality of materials used

Thinking of your long-term need for comfortable, well-fitting dentures, choosing higher quality materials will give you a better result. Cheaper materials may be easier on your budget short term but may not provide the comfort and functionality that you want day to day. The more expensive materials and the more intensive process gives you a better fitting denture because there is less shrinkage or expansion of materials.

Metal-based dentures

Check with your dentist or specialist if metal-based dentures contain cheap alloys. If the price is very low, this could be the reason. These inferior alloys may cause problems and the product may not be considered as ‘biocompatible’. Biocompatible means they are not harmful or toxic to any living tissue. This is of utmost importance for a product that will be in your mouth every day.

Telescopic dentures are a perfect example of fully biocompatible materials used in these types of dentures. This a German technology used since 1950 but new to Australia. Dr. Florian Mack brought this technology with him when coming to Australia in 2006 and offers patients this option.

Laboratory fees and charges

Your dentist should be very aware that some laboratories charge different fees for dentures. This is because some laboratories try to save costs by using cheap materials and rushing through the manufacturing process of the denture. They neglect to spend time on important details such as polishing or adjusting the bite to refine the denture.

Dental Technicians

Laboratory machinery and equipment that make dentures

Some laboratories use different machines to process or manufacture dentures. All dental materials used to manufacture a denture, crown or bridge, either shrink or expand. At the end of the process, expanding and shrinking should be balanced, so the ideal is close to zero for a perfect fit.

Dentures made overseas

It’s wise to be aware that some dentists may elect to send your impressions overseas to be made. However, what happens here is that the dentist doesn’t know what materials have been used and if the materials are approved and to the standard of the TGA (Therapeutic Good Administration) here in Australia. It’s a bit tricky because if you need to have any repairs or adjustments to the denture, these materials aren’t always compatible. Then you may end up needing a completely new denture made.

The laboratories SEQ Dental Specialist works with are all based in Australia and all materials are of the highest quality and TGA approved. You can have peace of mind knowing your dentures will be made right the first time. With dentures, it is not wise to compromise on quality or cost. Dentures Made In Australia

QUICK QUICK – HURRY HURRY! Time is not a compromise…

Faster isn’t always better. Spending quality time on finer details is most important for a well-fitting precision denture. Just like, you wouldn’t buy or want to wear shoes that don’t fit, so too, you don’t want to rush a process that is going to allow you to eat with ease and comfort and give you the confidence to smile freely for many years to come.

When your dentist takes time for the detail with each appointment, the service can cost more than when a dentist rushes through a treatment. For example, suction dentures can be very time consuming, because the working process is different from making standard dentures.

At SEQ Dental Specialist we spend more time on each appointment to get the best possible outcome and at a reasonable price.

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