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Different Types Of Partial Denture

Partial dentures are made to replace missing teeth and can be made from many different materials. Acrylic partial dentures can be tissue-borne, meaning the entire denture rests on soft tissue (gingiva) only, or tooth-borne where the denture is resting on teeth using metal clasps.

  • Flexible Partial Dentures

  • Cast Partial Dentures

  • Fixed Removable Partial or Hybrid Dentures

  • Precision Attachments

Flexible Partial Dentures

Flexible Partial Dentures

Flexible partial dentures are made from Valplast and have a good retention of teeth with good undercuts. As you can see in this example they have no clasps and are often more comfortable than stiff partial dentures. They are considered as temporary dentures to be replaced after one year with a permanent denture or implant denture.

Many people ask if they can sleep with wearing a flexible denture but just like our body needs rest at night so too do our gums so take them out at night to allow the gums and other denture-bearing tissues a chance to rest, recover and receive beneficial exposure to the antibacterial agents naturally present in saliva. Regardless of what kind of denture you wear it is the healthiest thing to do.

Cast Partial Dentures (cast metal frame)

Metal Cast Partial DenturesCast partial dentures are conventional cast (metal frame) partial denture with clasps and have milled crowns with cast partial denture and clasps. They are considered permanent dentures, lasting many years but require yearly recall so they can be checked for fitment and may need relining after a year or two.

Cast partial dentures are considered permanent dentures, lasting many years but require yearly recall so they can be checked for fitment and may need relining after a year or two.

Fixed-Removable Partial Dentures or Hybrid Dentures

Fixed-removable partial dentures or hybrid dentures are what is known as Telescopic Dentures. These are precision partial denture with precision attachments and no visible metal clasps.

The immediate acrylic partial denture is made from pink denture acrylic with denture teeth and is more a temporary denture.

A permanent partial denture is made on a bio-compatible Chrome Cobalt metal base that is covered in pink denture resin with denture teeth and clasps that connect to your teeth. Partial dentures can be easily removed by the patient for cleaning purposes.

Telescopic Dentures

How many appointments are needed to make a permanent partial denture?

Each patient is different and depending on the number of remaining teeth it takes several appointments to insert a partial denture.

What is a precision attachment and how is it used?

In some cases, a removable partial denture is made to attach to your natural teeth with devices called precision attachments are known as ERA attachments or snap-in dentures.

Precision attachments incorporated into crowns or dentures are more aesthetic than clasps and are used in the telescopic denture or snap-in denture.

Crowns on your natural teeth are sometimes needed to improve the fit of a removable partial denture and they are usually required with attachments. Partial dentures with precision attachments cost more than those with clasps.

Lower Full Denture Before & After

Partial lower denture – Before & After

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