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Replace Missing Teeth With A Dental Bridge

What Is A Dental Bridge?

Patients looking to restore or replace a missing tooth or teeth have the option of a dental bridge. These are a fixed prosthesis and anchored by two healthy teeth on either side of the gap, called an abutment. Bridges are the alternative to a removable partial denture or plate.

Dental Bridge

Dental Ceramic Bridges

The bridge is designed with one or more crowns that are attached to teeth on either side with glue or cement. The classic bridge is a 3 unit bridge because there are 3 teeth involved. Because there is more than one tooth involved in the process, a  bridge allows for the colour of the teeth on either side to be improved. Sometimes, there is no bone available and hence the only fixed prosthesis available is a bridge.

How Many Visits Are Needed For A Dental Bridge?

It depends on how many teeth are involved in the process as to how long it takes, but generally, two visits between two and three hour-long appointments are needed. The first visit is to prepare and shape the teeth on either side so they are ready for the bridge. A bridge takes about two to three weeks to be made in the laboratory then in the second scheduled appointment, it is fitted and attached to the teeth.

Dental Bridge Before & After

Does Food Get Caught Under Dental Bridges?

Generally, when bridges are prepared in the laboratory, the tooth has an occlusal well and groove, keyway, and an under-surface of the bridge that is designed for the prevention of food impaction. It is recommended that if the bridge has been poorly fitted to seek advice as food debris and bacteria may begin to form, which could possibly lead to gum disease.

Advantages Of A Dental Bridge?

After you have the dental bridge you will be able to speak clearly and eating food will become second nature. It is advised to begin with the eat soft food and cut food up into small pieces until you are used to the different feel.

When there is a significant breakdown of the teeth, bridges helps to strengthen these teeth at the same time as filling the gaps.

Dental Bridges

Before and After Dental Bridge

Patient was reluctant to have dental implants so the alternative was to replace two molars with a four unit bridge on the lower left side, where the final bridge is inserted.

Before - After Bridge

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