Project Description

Partial Bite Reconstruction Or Full Bite Reconstruction

Bite reconstruction is the third stage for the treatment of TMJ patient and may be either partial bite reconstruction or full bite reconstruction. Full mouth oral rehabilitation should be performed with an emphasis on an occlusal bite reconstruction and not just aesthetics.

What Does Partial Bite Reconstruction Consist Of?

Left, right and forward bites

After bite adjustment and hinge bite you will have a protective hinge bite, that is balanced left to right side on the back teeth. However, your prosthodontist will inform you that maybe one, two or three of your other bites are unprotected. For example, your left bite may be unprotected because you have worn your lower left canine tooth away from grinding at night. This tooth may need a composite resin overlay, porcelain veneer or ideally a crown to create a left protective bite.

Unprotected bites ultimately lead to damaged teeth and prevent a full recovery of TMJ symptoms.

Partial Bite Adjustment

Unprotected bite before and after – Bridge and crowns to achieve a protective forward bite.

What Does Full Mouth Bite Reconstruction Consist Of?

Full mouth bite reconstruction usually involves building up all the teeth at once because most of the teeth have worn down too much with age. When the worn out teeth are built up a variety of restorative materials can be used. This includes composite resin overlays, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges or implant crowns and implant dentures. This building up process will increase the facial height (nose to chin distance) of the patient back to the age of 25 years old and is called increased vertical dimension.

Full Bite Reconstruction

If your bite is left unprotected, this may potentially lead to damaged teeth and prevent a full recovery of TMJ symptoms.

By now you may understand that there is not a single fix for TMJ disorder and as we have mentioned before, each person has their own unique set of circumstances and arrangement of teeth, and all of this will determine the best treatment method to take. Dr. Florian Mack is the person who can give you this advice.

If you would like to know more about TMJ Dr. Florian Mack specialises in TMJ / TMD disorders so you will in good hands and be given the right advice. Please give us a call 07 3221 0443 or Contact Us and we will arrange a consultation at your convenience at either Robina or Brisbane City practice.

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