Project Description

Telescopic Denture Giving the Perfect Fit and Aesthetics – Top or Bottom in Just 2 Visits

These dentures are a fixed but removable telescopic denture which is held in place using telescopic crowns on your own teeth allowing for ease of cleaning and denture repair. This technology has been recognised in Germany since 1968.

One telescopic crown is cemented permanently onto your tooth, the other outer cap on top and looks like your teeth that combines with your denture. The remaining teeth are prepared with a drill so that a ‘cone’ crown can be fitted over the tooth.

You only need a minimum of two teeth per jaw for telescopic dentures to be fitted. One on each side, usually only between 2-6 teeth are required. Telescopic dentures can also be attached to dental implants. If you have slightly mobile teeth there is no need for any extraction of teeth as there is no problem fitting telescopic dentures to mobile teeth. So it’s a win win, and saves you money as well.

Below is a very quick overview of the process and stages of Telescopic Dentures how they are made and the process. This can all be done is just 2 visits.

Upper Telescopic Denture

Upper telescopic denture with metal frame and clasps

Primary Telescopic Crowns

Primary (inner, non visible) telescopic crowns

Telescopic Denture

Telescopic denture, the part touching teeth and gingiva

Telescopic Denture

Telescopic denture just before putting in place

Telescopic Denture

Denture just before being fully seated

Completed telescopic dentures fully in place

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